Monday, July 9, 2012

Wonderful find!

I am so pleased that I finally found a bear on all fours! I have always wanted an older
standing or wheeled bear. And here he is! I had to drive to Southern Vt to see him but it was worth it! ( besides it was a stunningly beautiful day and we had lunch on Lake Bomoseen! )
Have you ever just discovered a bear at auction or at a yard sale? I have been very lucky over the years. I have a few older Steiff bears and animals that I have found that way. We waited through a whole auction one night to buy one Cheeky bear at the end of the night, for a dollar! I bought one lovely artist bear that was just meant to be mine..she has hearts on her ears and paws.( trapunto) sp? They sold about a dozen Boyd's bears for $ 15-20 each.. I bought this beautiful bear for $10.00! Mohair!
You just never know! Here's my you have any to share ?