Thursday, January 26, 2012

While I have been trying to get back into the rhythm of bear making ..i find myself sort of collating and re arranging new ideas and skills ..seeing how they fit into my furry friends. I have been learning alot about layers recently. It started in digital scrap booking and carried over into my jewelry making. The more I explore and learn , the more I stretch my imagination.
When I looks into this bears eyes how deep can I go? It may just be an unconscious process for some people as they grow and improve in their craft. The first bears I made were cute..but I know they weren't where I wanted to go eventually. The subtle differences created by needle sculpting, shading,trimming...all add up to layers . Layers of personality! Much has changed with the economy and I am trying to regroup and make some changes I how and where I sell bears.
( and my other crafts !) so stay tuned folks! More to come in the next few months!
Meanwhile I am greatly enjoying all the amazing talent I find in blog land! It's wonderful to be part of such talented generous friendly artists!


  1. Hi, Deb ~ I love 'where you've gone' with your bear making. For example, look at the expression
    on the rose colored bear on the left in your
    blog header. The look on that bear's face is
    I haven't made a bear since my daughter was about 3 years old (she's going to be 23 in
    March) so I don't know what kind of creation I'll end up with. But it's on my list for 2012, after this sampler I'm stitching. Then a rug hooking project and a bear, oh and an Izannah Walker-inspired doll. I have a Gail Wilson kit and pattern.
    I can't wait. Meanwhile I'm enjoying seeing others' bears and dolls.

  2. Thanks Susan! Its good to know i am not the only person who flits around making different kinds of crafts! I feel like a kitten watching a butterfly..oohh..its over there..wait look at that! butterfly...:)